My Story

Hi, I'm Arya.

I am a mom of two cats, and the owner of EffortlesslyUs which has a great collection of spiritual items and jewelry designed to restore a sense of calmness & inner peace.

When my old company fired me 3 years ago, I had been depressed for a long time. I couldn't get out of bed and felt life was boring and meaningless. One day I laid on the ground and kept crying, my partner walked to me and told me how important and meaningful I was for him. I’ve started healing from that moment.

The second day, I had started my travels in a lot of countries: Brazil, Bali Island, Egypt, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Canada. After lots of conversations with the local women there, I found most women feel stuck in their comfort zone and afraid of any changes happening in their life. I want to see how I can help people who are stressed and anxious along with healing myself. I met the Elephant Spinner Ring Design in Thailand and I feel it smoothes me when playing. That's how I created EffortlesslyUs. 

The mission of EffortlesslyUs is for being helpful with the mindfulness spinner rings.